About us

Marionet was founded in Coimbra in 2000 with the goals of opening a space for the flourishing of new professionals in the different areas of dramatic creation and exploring new artistic paths. Fourteen years later, our identity defines itself in constant movement, having acquired some surprising characteristics. Some of the elements which contribute to this evolving “personality” are:

  • The constant need for experiment, which reflects itself in a huge formal and content variety at each new work;
  • The investment in new artists and new ideas;
  • The collaboration between all the work team in the rehearsal space, and discussion as a fundamental matter of each production;
  • The writing of new dramatic texts in Portuguese as well as the creation of original soundtracks and videos;
  • The recognition of the impossibility of closing every sense and possibilities in a work;
  • The frequent use of non-conventional venues for presenting our performances;
  • A strong connection with science.


Others about us

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