Operating rules for DCPAS

  1. General Provisions


The Documentation Centre for Performing Arts and Science of Marionet – Cultural Association is open to the public either for consultation or on-site reading, or through loan/ requisition, each of these modalities being governed by the rules herein stated.

Extraordinary situations may require the establishment of additional regulations..


  1. Regulations for consultation/on-site reading


DCPAS is available for consultation of works and on-site reading.

On-site reading must be done at Marionet’s location, on Rua Carlos Seixas, nr. 277, Coimbra, during its opening hours.

For organisational purposes and to ensure the premises’ proper management, as well as to avoid conflicts with rehearsals or other activities held there, on-site access to DCPAS’ works is subject to prior booking, either by email (to marionet@marioneteatro.com) or by telephone (931 671 163).

On-site access to the DCPAS is also subject to the operating rules of the Marionet’s premises. Maintaining the good environment, silence and cleanliness of the premises are of particular importance in this regard.

Marionet reserves the right to refuse access to the space (and therefore to the DCPAS) in any instance where these rules are not complied with, or when, for other reasons, this is deemed necessary by those in charge.


  1. Regulations for the loan and requisition of works


Most of the works in DCPAS are available for loan.

The loan of available works is subject to the registration of the requester in Marionet’s database.

Likewise, the requisition of works from DCPAS is subject to the completion of a requisition form for each of the works to be requisitioned.

The loan has a maximum duration of 15 (fifteen) days, which can be extended upon new request.

The requisition, pick-up, and drop-off of the DCPAS works is made in person at Marionet’s premises. For this purpose, an appointment can be made via email (to marionet@marioneteatro.com) or telephone (931 671 163), after filling out the requisition form.

The collection of the works thus requested is then dependent on the scheduling and presential confirmation of that registration.

In this case, the loan period is calculated from the moment the work is picked up from the premises.

Any spoilage or damage found on the requested works must be immediately registered (with photos) and reported to Marionet via email or phone.

Spoilage or damage reported only at the time of drop-off or reported by a subsequent requisitioner will be charged to the requisitioner who has not reported it in a timely manner.

The loss, misplacement, spoilage, or damage to any of the DCPAS’ works will require their replacement or payment of its original cost.

Requesters who lose, misplace, or damage DCPAS’s works may be refused the requisition or even the consultation of other DCPAS works, either permanently or for a period to be determined.

Marionet reserves the right to refuse the loan of any of the works found in the DCPAS, in any situation where this is deemed justified.

Works whose availability is essential to the work of the company will not be available for loan.

In cases where the requisition, consultation or use of the works belonging to DCPAS is linked to the company’s creative process or other company activity, any item of these regulations (namely regarding loan periods) may be disregarded, always and only by explicit decision of the company.


  1. Other Provisions


From March 15th 2020, and until the Covid-19 pandemic situation is under control, on-site consultation at Marionet’s premises is subject to all hygiene and safety regulations in effect.

Likewise, and until the situation is normalised, the pick-up and drop-off of requested works at Marionet’s premises is also subject to all safety and hygiene standards and rules in effect.