Cooperative Translation Project

One dificulty that the “Reading Theatre with Science” initiative needed to solve was the inexisting portuguese translation for most drama dealing with scientific issues, such as the majority of plays already in the DCPAS. Bearing that in mind, we began our Cooperative Translation Project (CTP) in June 2020, to try and have as many of those plays translated into portuguese as quick and effectively as possible.

CTP, inspired in the concept of science citizenship, promotes an equal and distributed share of translation by a number of volunteers. In translating a certain play, it will be split into smaller excerpts which will then be divided among the translators. The translated pieces will then be redistributed for proofreading. Lastly they will all be grouped in a final text, revised and edited.

We began our translation of the first text – the play “Constellations” by Nick Payne – in 2020. This was also the play read in our first Reading Theatre with Science session on 26 of May at Parque Verde in Coimbra.

The second session of the Reading Theatre with Science project took place in Jardim da Sereia on July 21st. We read Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information”, the second play translated by CTP.

The third text selected for translation by the CTP was John Mighton’s “Possible Worlds”. It was read on October 20th, at Marionet, in Coimbra, as part of the third session of the Reading Theatre with Science project.

For the fourth text to be translated by the Colaborative Translation Project, Crispin Whittell’s play “Darwin in Malibu” was selected. Its reading took place on December 15th, in Espaço Marionet, in Coimbra.

The fifth text translated (the first of 2022) was Lauren M. Gunderson’s “The Catastrophist”. It was read in Espaço Marionet, in Coimbra, on February 16th, 2022.

The sixth play selected for translation by the CTP was Paul D’Andrea and Jon Klein’s “The Einstein Project”. It was read on April 20th, at Liquidâmbar, in Praça da República, in Coimbra.

The seventh play selected for translation by the CTP was Chiori Miyagawa’s “Comet Hunter“. It was read at Alameda das Tílias, Botanic Garden of the University of Coimbra, on July 22nd, 2022. This has been the reading with the most participants so far.