The fourth session of Reading Theatre with Science happened in the “Espaço da Marionet”, in Coimbra, on the 15th of December 2021. It was there that the reading of the translation of the play “Darwin in Malibu”, by Crispin Whittell, written by the Collaborative Translation Project’s volunteers, took place.

In a mansion facing the beach in Malibu, California, we find Charles Darwin. Believing that the heated debate around the book “On the Origin of Species” is long gone, he seeks refuge on tabloid horoscopes and erotic novels made for summer reading. That is, until his old friend Thomas Huxley shows up, along with the Bishop of Oxford, to tangle him up in a life-or-death comedy about God and science, love, loss, and the sex life of barnacles.

The original text, as well as the translation made by the Collaborative Translation Project, are available for consultation or borrowing on the DCPAS.