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Project Reading Theatre with Science aims at fostering knowledge of science-themed contemporary drama, through public readings of contemporary plays. Readings will be held in Espaço Marionet or others to be announced, and open to all interested. Though planned to start early in 2020, due to the limitations that the pandemic outbreak forced into place, they were rescheduled and ultimately began on May 26th 2021.

One dificulty which needed solving was the inexistence of portuguese translations of most recent drama dealing with scientific matters, notably those plays already in the DCPAS. We have begun, bearing that in mind, our Colaborative Translation Project (CTP) in June 2020, with the goal of having those plays translated into portuguese as quick and effectively as possible.

We began our translation of the first one of those works – Constellations by Nick Payne – in 2020. This was also the play read in our first reading session in May at Parque Verde in Coimbra. The second session took place on july 21st in Jardim da Sereia. This time around the selected text was Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information”. Both the third, fourth and fifth sessions were held in Espaço Marionet, the first on October 20th, the translation of John Mighton’s “Possible Worlds” having been read, the second on  December 15th, when our translation of Crispin Whittel’s “Malibu” was read, and the latter on February 16th, when we read Lauren M. Gunderson’s “The Catastrophist”. The sixth session took place in Liquidâmbar, in Coimbra, on April 20th 2022, and the translation read was that of Paul D’Andrea and Jon Klein’s “The Einstein Project”. The seventh play selected for translation by the CTP was Chiori Miyagawa’s “Comet Hunter“. It was read at Alameda das Tílias, Botanic Garden of the University of Coimbra, on July 22nd, 2022. This has been the reading with the most participants so far.

Further plays to be translated in CTP as well as future sessions of “Reading Theatre” will be timely announced both here and through our social media network.