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Marionet began its Documentation Centre for Performing Arts and Science, a repository for plays and essays focused on the crossing of these two fields back in 2012.

These books are available for perusal at espaço Marionet and may be requested and presentially picked up and droped off.


A alga que queria ser flor, Ana Cristina Tavares

A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery, Lyndy Abraham

A disappearing number, Simon McBurney

A expressão das emoções no homem e nos animais, Charles Darwin

A expressão das emoções | LED – Viagem ao interior num computador, Mário Montenegro

A number, Caryl Churchill

A short history of night, John Mighton

Ada and the Engine, Lauren Gunderson

After Darwin, Timberlake Wertenbaker

An experiment with an air pump, Shelagh Stephenson

An Immaculate Misconception, Carl Djerassi

Arcadia, Tom Stoppard

Art + Science Now l How scientific research and technological innovation are becoming key to 21st-century aesthetics, Stephen Wilson

Behind the Sheet, Charly Evon Simpson (Gravação Audio, 2 CDs)

Blinded by the Sun, Stephen Poliakoff

Boom, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Breaking the code, Hugh Whitemore

Cálculo, peça em dois actos, Carl Djerassi

Capture the Sun, George D. Morgan

Chemistry in theatre, insufficiency, phallacy or both, Carl Djerassi

Completeness, Itamar Moses

Complicite Mnemonic, Complicite

Conceitos e Dispositivos de Criação em Artes Performativas, Fernando Matos Oliveira (editor)

Constellations, Nick Payne

Copenhagen, Michael Frayn

Cyborg theatre | corporeal / technological intersections in multimedia performance, Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

Darwin in Malibu, Crispin Whittell

Deepen the Mystery, Science and The South Onstage Lauren M. Gunderson

East of Berlin, Hannah Moscovitch

Einstein’s Dreams, Alan Lightman

Einstein’s gift, Vern Thiessen

Emilie: La Marquise Du Ch Telet Defends Her Life Tonight, Lauren Gunderson

End Days, Deborah Zoe Laufer

Everyday Maps For Everyday Use, Tom Morton-Smith

Eurêka, le moment de l’invention, un dialogue entre art et science, Direcção de Ivan Toulouse e Daniel Danétis

Evolution, Jonathan Marc Sherman

Falácia, Carl Djerassi

Fausto, Fernando Pessoa

Flight, Arthur Giron

Gravity, Arzhang Luke Pezhman

Great men of science, Nos. 21 & 22,, Glen Berger

Hapgood, Tom Stoppard

How the World Began, Catherine Trieschmann

Humble Boy, Charlotte Jones

Icarus at the Edge of Time, Brian Greene

Improbable frequency, Arthur Riordan

In the matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Heinar Kipphardt

Incognito, Nick Payne

Infinity, Hannah Moscovitch

Informed Consent, Deborah Zoe Laufer

Isaac’s Eye, Lucas Hnath

Johson Plays: 1 “Insignificance”, “Unsuitable for adults”, “Cries from the mamal house” v.1, Terry Johnson

Kafka’s Monkey, Franz Kafka, Colin Teevan

Lectures de Tom Stoppard : Arcadia, Liliane Campos

Lenin’s Embalmers, Vern Thiessen

Les variations, Darwin Jean-François Peyret, Alain Prochiantz

Love and Information, Caryl Churchill

Lucy, Damien Atkins

Luminescence dating, Carey Perloff

Mamet Plays: 1 “Duck Variations”, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, “Squirrels”, “American Buffalo”, “The Water Engine”, “Mr. Happiness” v.1, David Mamet

Monster, Neal Bell

Mosquitoes, Lucy Kirkwood

Moving Bodies, Arthur Giron

Myth, Matt Hartley & Kirsty Housley (in Two Radical New Plays, Oberon Modern Playwrights)

Newton’s Darkness | Two Dramatic Views, Carl Djerassi & David Pinner

Now then again, Penny Penniston

O Bairro da Tabela Periódica, Manuel João Monte

O Professor de Darwin, Helder Costa

On the Verge, or The Geography of Yearning, Eric Overmyer

Oxigénio, Carl Djerassi & Roald Hoffmann

Pasadena Babalon, George D. Morgan

Performance and Evolution in the age of Darwin, out of the natural order, Jane R. Goodall

Photograph 51, Anna Ziegler

Plays: 2 | Vampire / The Gland Hand / The Grass Widow / Sabina, Snoo Wilson

Possible words, John Mighton

Proof, David Auburn

Proust was a Neuroscientist, Jonah Lehrer

QED, Peter Parnell

Quantum Theatre | Science and Contemporary Performance, Paul Johnson

Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie, Alan Alda

Rain Dance, Lanford Wilson

Relativity, Cassandra Medley

Rien qu’un acteur suivi, Farben Mathieu Bertholet

Ritmos do Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra, Ana Cristina Tavares

Rock’n'Roll e outras peças Tom Stoppard

Rocket GirlGeorge D. Morgan

Science is Culture, conversations at the New Intersection of Science + Society, Editor Adam Bly

Scientific Americans, John Mighton

Secret order, Bob Clyman

Silent Sky, Lauren Gunderson

Sr. de Chimpanzé, Júlio Verne

String Fever, Jacquelyn Reingold

Tesla, A Biographical Play, Acie Cargill

The Cambridge Companion to Theatre and Science, Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr (editora)

The Dialogue of Art and Science in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, Liliane Campos

The Earthworks, Tom Morton-Smith (in Two Radical New Plays, Oberon Modern Playwrights)

The Einstein Project, Paul D’Andrea, Jon Klein

The Eyes of Isaac Newton, Iggy McGovern

The Farnsworth Invention, Aaron Sorkin

The Heretic, Morris West

The How and The Why, Sarah Treem

The intelligent design of Jenny Chow, Rolin Jones

The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Carson Kreitzer

The Mound Builders, Lanford Wilson

The other place, Sharr White

The Radiant, Shirley Lauro

The Recantation of Galileo Galilei, Eric Bentley

The Ruby Sunrise, Rinne Groff

The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright’s Universe, Dan Falk

The Talking Cure, Christopher Hampton

The Tragedy of Edward Teller, Istvan Hargittai

Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett, Kirsten Shepherd-barr

Théâtre du XXIe siècle : commencements, Jean-Pierre Ryngaert, Julie Sermon

Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays, Chiori Miyagawa

Tooth and Claw, Michael Hollinger

Transitions of Venus, Maureen Hunter

Trumpery, Peter Parnell

World set free, Bryn Magnus