Tigri e Teoremi – Scrivere teatro e scienza, Maria Rosa Menzio


Title: Tigri e Teoremi – Scrivere teatro e scienza

Author: Maria Rosa Menzio

Typology: Study

Language: Italian

Year: 2007

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Italia

ISBN: 978-88-470-0641-6

Synopsis: From Popper and Toulmin’s science to Morteo and Brecht’s theatre. An overview of two disciplines from an original entwining of the two fields: the emotion one experiences in a theatre show can be equated to the pleasure one seeks in an impecably demonstrated theorem.

This book seeks to teach how to write “Theatre and Science” and the secret to that writing stands on two directives, functional both in Science as in Theatre: “perfection” and “simplicity”.

Be it the ones who play, or the ones who watch a theatre show, they are faced with a beautiful feint, but know full well it is a feint, and thus it is no deceit, but truth. Otherwisely we believe Science to hold absolute certainties. But if we don’t want the truth only, but a truth that is beautifull and interesting, then we must discover in science its infinite poetry.

Galileo’s “Dialogo sui Massimi Sistemi“, Lakatos’ “Dimonstrazioni e confutazioni”, Durrenmatt’s I Fisici” among many others. These are but a few of the “uncanny” theatre experiments we will be analysing. We have tried to express into words the ideas and emotions that made the history of scientific discovery. The study of this matter has been deeply marked by its aridity, whereas, crossing it from the theatrical instrument’s perspective, we hope to show its wonder.