Na Companhia das Vozes, org. Marius Romme and Sandra Escher


Title: Na Companhia das Vozes

Author: organized by Marius Romme and Sandra Escher

Translation: portuguese edition coordinated by J.A. Cunha-Oliveira and J.A. Zagalo-Cardoso

Language: Portuguese

Typology: Study

Year: 1997

Publisher: Editorial Estampa

Colection: Novos Rumos

ISBN: 972-33-1272-7

Synopsis: “Na Companhia das Vozes breaks the stereotype down of the popular press regarding the danger presented by voice hearers and their supposed control by invisible demonic forces; it demonstrates that a great many of us have unusual auditive experiences; that many of us find no need to resort to Psychiatry for that; and that some of us find ways to deal with that auditory experience withput it interfering with their social lives or daily activities.

As I see it, the core of this book is composed by 13 intimate testimonies by people who, despite hearing voices, got to develop, one way or another, a modus vivendi with their own experiences, and integrated them into their lives. These testimonies are interspersed by a wide array of theorical formulations, some of which aproach the phenomena from outside of the medical model, while others stand for lines of reference within Psychiatry itself.”

Lord Enneals, president of the MIND association, prologue to the english edition.