Morpheus and Apnea


Morpheus and Apnea

Grande Auditório of the Convento São Francisco

 March 18th 2022 | 21h30

In Morpheus and Apnea we are shown fragments of the lives of a small family facing times of great adversity. The Mother, a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, has recently passed away, and the Father is resistant to his obstructive sleep apnea diagnostic and treatament.

The Daughter, afraid to also loose her father, struggles to convince him to accept and face his disease while trying to deal herself with her own issues.
The play makes a reflection on that which we can change through our own decisions and that which is beyond our control and appears to be the work of higher forces.
Morpheus and Apnea is a show inspired on the theme of the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, and is the result of the synergy between theatre company Marionet and the Center for Neurosciences and Celular Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC), and had its genesis in UnLab – Laboratório do Desconhecimento, a research and creation initiative by Marionet, together with CNC, meant to approach scientific challenges through an interdisciplinary point of view.
Artistic and Technical Credits

Discussion and Ideas Mário Montenegro, Vicente Paredes, Nuno Geraldo, Carolina Andrade, Filipe Eusébio, Laetitia Morais, Pedro Andrade, Francisca Moreira, Vera Silva

Playwright and Director Mário Montenegro

Cast Carolina Andrade, Filipe Eusébio, Nuno Geraldo with a special appearence by Carolina Montenegro (video)

Technical Direction and Lighting Design Vera Silva

Video Laetitia Morais

Original Soundtrack and Sound Design Marcelo dos Reis

Image, Set Design and Wardrobe Pedro Andrade

Producer Director and Communication Francisca Moreira

Assistant Producer Vicente Paredes

Hairdresser Carlos Gago – Ilídio Design

Promotional Video Tiago Cerveira

Video Registry João Cunha – Studio

in Partnership with CNC-UC

With the support of | Centro de Medicina do Sono, Direção-Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, Ilídio Design Cabeleireiros, Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, CEIS20, Gasoxmed