Marius Romme


Cathedratic Professor of Social Psychology in the University of Limburg (Maastricht, Netherlands), since 1974. Director of the Maastricht Community Mental Health Centre. He was apprentice to Professor Querido, a dutch psychiatrist and politician of judeo-portuguese ascent, who held important positions in the World Health Organization and became notorious for creating the first community help centre for the prevention of the institutionalization of psychiatric patients, in Amsterdam, back in 1934.

Professor Romme allies his scientific research to his work on the social organization of healthcare. His main area of research and intervention has centered on community long-term care for psychiatric patients.

He has authored a vast body of written work in the fields of Social Psychology, Ethnopsychiatry, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Mental Health Policy and Ethics. He is a frequent colaborator with international specialty magazines and journals, namely the Schizophrenia Bulletin, the British Journal of Psychiatry, Mental Health and Society, The International Journal of Social Psychiatry, and in international debate forums on the Psychiatric Issue.

He is the author of original work important for the understanding of the hearing voices’ phenomena and a pioneer of innovative interventions designed to help hearers deal with their voices – which has made him into an uncontested authority in the field, both in Europe and the United States.