LED – Inner Voyage in a Smartphone at CAA


Marionet returned to Centro de Artes de Águeda last February 23rd to present “LED – Viagem ao Interior num Smartphone” (LED – Inner Voyage in a Smartphone).

In a performance meant for schools and open to the general public, it was very positively met by the students present, who followed an electron’s voyage looking for the meaning of its existence.

The play presents a relfection on the human condition distanced by a dimension where He, the user, is the raison d’être of every component in a smartphone, who do everything to serve HIM.

Who are we? What do we exist for?

How do we exist?

Technical and Artistic Credits

Text and Direction Mário Montenegro

Cast Letícia Moro, Catarina Moita, Clara Carvalho

Image, Set Design, Wardrobe and Props Pedro Andrade

Technical Direction and Lighting Design Pedro Machado

Sound Design Marcelo dos Reis

Video Laetitia Morais

Executive Producer Francisca Moreira

Hairdresser Carlos Gago – Ilídio Design

Video Register João Cunha

With the support of: TAGV, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Ilídio Design Cabeleireiros, RUC, MAFIA

A photographic register of the performance of “LED – Inner Voyage in a Smartphone” by CAA – Centro de Artes de Águeda / João Roldão.