Jonathan Marc Sherman


Jonathan Marc Sherman, born in Morristown, New Jersey, on October 10th, 1968, is a contemporary American playwright and occasional actor. Some of his plays include “Things We Want”, “Evolution”, “Sophistry”, “Wonderful Time”, “Veins and Thumbtacks”, “Serendipity and Serenity”, “Jesus on the Oil Tank”, “Sons and Fathers”, and “Women and Wallace”. They have been produced by Malaparte, The New Group, Playwright Horizons, WPA Theater, Los Angeles Theatre Center, and by Williamstown Theatre Festival, as well as in England, Australia, Israel, and Japan. He adapted “Women and Wallace” for PBS-TV’s American Playhouse show, and the movie “The Jimmy Show” by Frank Whaley was based on “Thumbstacks”.

Sherman has won a Berilla-Kerr scholarship, has been awarded by 21st Century Playwrights Festival and twice by Young Playwrights Festival. He’s a co-founder of the theatre company Malaparte.

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