The 4ºC class of EB1 n.º10 of Solum presented the show River Stories, within the scope of the CresceRio project, on June 30, 2022. The school, known as Anexas, became a stage for students to share with their public what they have learned about river habitats and ecosystems over the past four years.



During the last phase of the project (since 2018/19 school year), we recalled the experiences that the students had on the riverside and we created six stories in which the children took on the role of the characters. Marionet coordinated the creation and development of this show, whose work focused on the need to preserve the environment, reduce, recycle and also the importance of mutual respect. We begun from the premise that children would create a theatre show about their experience, in order to build awareness for the importance of urban ecosystems. The class finishes the 1st cycle of basic education with very good results in terms of preservation of riparian areas!



The CresceRio project is an initiative of MARE – Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, for the transfer of knowledge between science and society and also for environmental awareness and education, whose main objectives are: to raise awareness of aquatic ecosystems and in particularly urban streams, develop social responsibility for the preservation and recovery of urban rivers and their ecosystems through the school community (children, teachers, parents, others) and contribute to the preservation of urban streams, their ecosystems and services.


Technical and artistic credits

Artistic direction and staging Mário Montenegro

Directing Assistance Carolina Andrade, Vicente Paredes

Dramaturgy Carolina Andrade, Mário Montenegro, Vicente Paredes

Interpreters Students of the 4º C class of Escola Básica da Solum  | Teacher Maria Alda Alves

“The Man Who Littered Everything”

Manel, João Videira

Rita, Guiliana Valentim

Gustavo, João Vasco

Man, Rafael Ferreira

“A Forest So-so and A Fairy So-so

Helena, Mariana Pinto

Maria, Beatriz Sá

Pedro, João Brito

“The Game of Rivers”

Menina 1, Maria Leonor

Menina 2, Rita Figueiredo

João, Thiago Diaz

“A Farmer, a Scientist, a Fisherman and a Fairy Meet by a River”

Farmer, Bernardo Machado

Fisherman, Tarik Augusto

Scientist, Beatriz Vasa

Fairy, Joana Moita

“The Fabulous Story of the Crocodile That Wasn’t One”

1, Samira Ferreira

2, Diana Tavares

3, Diana Marques

4, Bernardo Gama

“River’s Tears”

Fafa, Maria Amaral

Zeze, Maria Miguel

River, Miriam Guerreiro

Footer, Diogo Monteirinho

Spectator, Tatiana Tavares

Costumes Laura Corga

Scenography and image Pedro Andrade

Production Director Francisca Moreira

Production Assistance Carolina Andrade, Vicente Paredes

Communication  Carolina Andrade

Photography Francisca Moreira




Project partners:

University of Coimbra, MARE – Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, Department of Life Sciences, FCTUC

University of Coimbra, CEIS20 – Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Aveiro, Dept. of Biology


PROAQUA – Association for the Promotion of Knowledge in Aquatic Ecology


Portuguese Republic

General Directorate of Arts

Coimbra City Council

University of Coimbra

Eugénio de Castro School Group