La Génisse et le Pythagoricien, Jean-François Peyret & Alain Prochiantz



Title: La Génisse et le Pythagoricien

Author: Jean-François Peyret e Alain Prochiantz

Typology: Drama

Language: French

Year: 2002

Publisher: Odile Jacob

ISBN: 978-2-7381-1210-1

Synopsis: Why bring together fields as distant as Ovid’s poetry and developmental biology? If there was a meeting, it was not to chat, but to create something together: a show. The human/animal relationship, nutrition, the mad cow, but also Apollo and Dionysos, Orpheus and Pythagoras, Io, Procne, Philomela or Myrrha, so many dream motifs to give in to the desire to play with shapes. A mixed art, which links dramatic literature and scientific writing, truth and fiction, traditional texts and today’s prose. The show took place. The theatrical work during the rehearsals has been sorted out, hazardous and necessary. It is up to the reader to continue this DIY in their own way. Jean-François Peyret and Alain Prochiantz.