Wilson Plays: 2, Snoo Wilson (v.2: “Vampire”, “The Gland Hand”, “The Grass Widow”, “Sabina”)


Title: Wilson Plays: 2

Author: Snoo Wilson

Typology: Collected Drama

Language: English

Year: 2000

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Collection: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

Series: Contemporary Dramatists

ISBN: 978-0-4137-4400-5

Synopsis: Gathering six of the author’s plays: Vampire, The Glad Hand, The Grass Widow and Sabina.

Vampire: “On a strict laugh-count the play is funnier than “Bedroom Farce”; it pursues across three generations a conceit – dead ideas sucking the blood of the living – to which it gives wit.” (Observer)

The Glad Hand: “Not only one of the best pieces of playwriting yet achieved by Wilson but also one of the funniest first acts I’ve seen in a long while. You leave the theatre refreshed and uplifted,grateful for having rubbed shoulders with genuine talent.” (Financial Times)

The Grass Widow:“Zanily watchable, the play wryly captures the schizophrenia of people who talk and think like Sixties outlaws yet who,when the chips are down, have the shark-like instincts of Wall Street bankers.” (Guardian)

Sabina: “With the fathers of modern psychology, Freud and Jung, cast as disturbed megalomaniacs, the play is often disturbing, but in a weird and wonderful way Wilson also captures the waywardness of those minds and times with an eccentric energy.” (Herald)