Transit of Venus, Maureen Hunter


Title: Transit of Venus

Author: Maureen Hunter

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2006

Publisher: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishers

Collection: Scirocco Drama

ISBN: 978-1-897289-13-8

Synopsis: Obsessions and lifelong lovers permeate Maureen Hunter’s Transit of Venus as the eighteenth-century astronomer, Le Gentil, charts the heavens for Venus and the realm of his heart for his young fiancée. Le Gentil puts off marrying the young and wilful Celeste as he travels around the world in his attempts to plot the course of Venus across the sky, only to be undone at every turn by weather, war, and misfortune, and to find upon his final return a woman undone by his absence and ready to set her own course. Spanning eleven years in the lives of Le Gentil and Celeste, Hunter’s play explores issues of faith, solitude, and the human spirit.