Théatres du XXIe siècle: commencements, Julie Sermon and Jean-Pierre Ryngaert


Title: Théatres du XXIe siècle: commencements

Author: Julie Sermon e Jean-Pierre Ryngaert

Typology: Study/Essays

Language: French

Year: 2013 (first edition 2012)

Publisher: Armand Colin Éditeur

ISBN: 978-2-200-27142-8

Synopsis: On the turning of its two centuries (1990-2010), the tranformative movements in theatrical practices seem to have enough momentum for new strong lines to be drawn and lasting changes to be introduced in the ways of writting, saying and doing theatre.

In this two-voiced text, Jean-Pierre Ryngaert analyses the main mutations which have left a mark on the “writing factories” and the “ways of telling” stories. Julie Sermon, in a chapter named “Le vivant et la technique” (The living and the technique), examines renovations in the forms of play, narration and representation, in connection with the discourses that authors and practitioners set with the languages and instruments specific to their technological environment.

The common starting point proposes multiple entryways to the reader in order to insert and question the landmarks of a theatrical reality which is considerably diverse.