The Heretic – A Play, Morris West


Title: The Heretic – A Play

Author: Morris West

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 1970

Publisher: Heinemann London

ISBN: 978-0-435-23930-9

Synopsis: The heretic is Giordano Bruno, fugitive monk, wandering scholar, who three hundred and seventy years ago was burnt in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome.

In Bruno Mr. West sees the dilemma of twentieth-century man, of whom governments – the democracies most insidiously of all – demand conformity as the price of survival. “I could not believe,” he writes in his preface, “that any man should be required to sell his soul – however undeveloped – to anyone who promised him order, discipline, social acceptance and three meals a day… I found myself in him: my fears, my doubts, my own wrong-headedness, my conviction that soon or late a man has to know a reason for living or dying. The reason may be wrong, but man’s right to hold the reason is inalienable.”

To all who share these convictions Bruno speaks directly and eloquently in this play, first performed in 1970, with Leonard Rossiter as Bruno.