Sr. de Chimpanzé, Jules Verne


Title: Sr. de Chimpanzé

Author: Jules Verne

Translation: Mário Montenegro

Typology: Drama

Language: Portuguese

Year: 2010

Publisher: Marionet

ISBN: 978-84-9916-256-0

Synopsis: Isidore disguises himself as a chimpanzee in order to get inside the Zoological Museum run by the father of the girl he’s in love with. This operetta by Jules Verne originally premiered in Paris in 1858, a year before the publication of Charles Darwin’s seminal work which caused an uproar for allowing for the possibility of evolutionary proximity between us and the other animals (namely other primates). Initially ill-received by the parisian public, the play remained unpublished until 1980, when a copy of the libretto was found in the censorship’s archives by Robert Pouvoyeur, a specialist in Verne and Offenbach. The portuguese translation is due to Mario Montenegro and Marionet’s production of the text in University of Coimbra’s Science Museum for the European Night of Researchers 2009.