Rocket Girl, George D. Morgan


Title: Rocket Girl

Author: George D. Morgan

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2018 (First Edition 2006)

Publisher: Author’s Edition

ISBN: 978-1-72760-288-3

Synopsis: The year is 1957. The Cold War. An undeclared Space Race.

The United States and the Soviet Union are locked in a battle to see which country will be the first to place a satellite into orbit.

The stakes are high. International prestige, national pride, and the control of a host of emerging technologies are on the line. As America’s Vanguard rocket program proves itself a disastrous failure, and word leaks out that the Soviets are close to making their first orbital attempt, U.S. polititians have no choice but to abandon the Vanguard.

Hat-in-hand they approach Dr. Wernher von Braun and plead for help. But when von Braun realizes that his rocket – the Redstone/Jupiter C – will not be powerful enough to reach orbit, he seeks out the help of a young woman in California who may hold the key to putting America back in the Space Race.

Born on a small farm in Ray, North Dakota, and recruited as a wartime chemist for the U.S. Government after only one year of college, Mary Sherman suddenly finds herself at the center of a political and technological maelstrom.

“Rocket Girl” is the heretofore untold story of how a poor farm girl with only a high school diploma not only rose to become America’s first female rocket scientist, but provided the crucial technology that launched America into the Age of Space.