Rien Qu’un Acteur suivi de Farben, Mathieu Bertholet


Title: Rien Qu’un Acteur suivi de Farben

Author: Mathieu Bertholet

Typology: Collected Drama

Language: French

Year: 2006

Publisher: Actes Sud

ISBN: 978-2-7427-6252-3

Synopsis: “Rien qu’un Acteur”: From the interbellum period to the 60′s, the irresistible rise of a great german actor crosses the tragic life of an opposing writer. While the first goes on to become of of the most servile artists of the nazi regime, Thomas Mann’s “enfants terribles”, Erika and Klaus, go into exile in order to resist through their own means: theatre and literature. Klaus Mann denounces the actor and his opportunism in a novel, Mephisto, one of the origins of this play. Everything is then set for a vertiginous kaleidoscope of artistic figures in the face of power, of their own inner-demons and their characters.

“Farben”: During the “Belle Epoque,” Clara Immerwahr, the first woman chemist in Germany, marries Fritz Haber, a searcher “for the good of humankind”. But while Clara is constrained to limit herself to the chemistry of her kitchen, Fritz, step by step, invents the first combat gas. Strong-colored pictures, from acid green to blood red, form Clara’s emotional landscape and prefigure, throughout this onirical dive, her irreversible reaction towards her husbend’s corrosive choices.