QED, Peter Parnell


Title: QED

Author: Peter Parnell

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2002

Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books

ISBN: 1-55783-592-6

Synopsis: The late, great physicist Richard Feynman is the subject of Peter Parnell’s nearly one-man show, QED, a recent Broadway triumph for Alan Alda in the role of Feynman. Set in Feynman’s office on the weekend in which he discovers he has terminal cancer, this play is a tour-de-force that captures his unique and puckish genius. As we read about his work on the Manhattan Project, his reconstruction of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, and his Nobel Prize-winning quantum electrodynamics theory, as well as the intimate details of Feynman’s personal life, we grow to love the man behind the science. And we read in fascination as he puzzles over the problem of his own death to a powerful conclusion. With a thoughtful foreword from Alda, this is a moving play that is must for science and theatre fans everywhere.