Hearing Voices Project | Newspiece published in P3




Last May 12th, a newspiece was published in P3, by Celina Vilas-Boas, a psychologist working with people with altered or non-consentual experiences of reality, as well as helping with group work in the Hearing Voices Movement – Portugal, about the “hearing voices” phenomena.

This article is the first and an integral part of the materials produced by the project “Hearing Voices” by Marionet, in partnership with CES (Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra), Hearing Voices Movement – Portugal and Hospital Júlio de Matos’ Radio Aurora among others, about this same phenomena, and thus we were very happy to anounce its publishing by a major newspaper.

It is a very important contribution, and very much in line with the project’s objectives, to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the phenomena as well as to fight the stigma and discrimination still associated with it.

The article can be read here (in portuguese)