Partilha de Cena, MAFIA


Title: Partilha de Cena [0]

Author: MAFIA (edited by José Geraldo & Mário Montenegro)

Colaborators: Carl Djerassi, Carlos Fiolhais, Ricardo Seiça

Language: Portuguese

Typology: Periodic Publication

Year: 2006

Publisher: MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra

ISSN: 1646-6462

Synopsis: Founded in the year 2000, MAFIA gathers a number of independent groups in Coimbra working mainly in the performing arts, with the objective of sharing and managing common spaces and technical equipment. “Partilha de Cena” is a periodic publication by MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra which publishes drama that is contemporary, was previously unpublished and is written in portuguese. Edition [0] features a text by north-american physicist Carl Djerassi on Science and Theatre, a text by portuguese physicist Carlos Fiolhais on Art and Science, “Flatland” (Camaleão, 2003) – José Geraldo’s stage adaptation of the novel by the same title by Edwin A Abbot, “Revolução dos Corpos Celestes” (Marionet, 2001) by Mário Montenegro and “Câmara Escura” (Projecto BUH!, 2003) by Ricardo Seiça.