Oxigénio, Carl Djerassi & Roald Hoffmann


Title: Oxigénio

Author: Carl Djerassi & Roald Hoffmann

Translation: Manuel João Monte

Language: Portuguese

Typology: Drama

Year: 2005

Publisher: Editora da Universidade do Porto

ISBN: 972-8025-42-4

Synopsis:In 1777, Gustaf III of Sweden invites the three famous chemists Lavoisier, Priestley and Sceele to a Ballo in Maschera, where the issue of who had first discovered Oxigen is to be settled once and for all. In 2001 the notion of discovery is discussed in the Nobel Commitee as they attempt to award the first Retro-Nobel. In this fiction by Djerassi and Hoffmann, more than credit for the discovery of Oxigen (the theme of both encounters in the play), the great thematic questions are what is a discovery and why is it so important to be the first one to make one.