Now Then Again, Penny Penniston


Title: Now Then Again

Author: Penny Penniston

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2014 (first edition 2001)

Publisher: Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-88145-602-8

Synopsis: “Few new plays require a basic understanding of quantum mechanics – the physics theories of matter and energy – for full appreciation. And when young playwrights are thinking of setting for their plays, they don’t normally alight on such less-than-sexy locations as the Fermilab National Particle Accelerator Laboratory in west suburban Batavia.

But if originality and intelligence are the most important qualities in attracting audiences to hear new work, Chicago scribe Penny Penniston deserves enormous success with her smart, funny and thoroughly captivating Now Then Again

Penniston has tried to use some of the issues found in and around quantum mechanics (which involves great complexities of chronology and relativity) and apply them to a triangular love relationship…” (Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune)