Mamet Plays: 1, David Mamet (v.1: “Duck Variations”, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, “Squirrels”, “American Buffalo”, “The Water Engine”, “Mr. Happiness”)


Title: Mamet Plays: 1

Author: David Mamet

Typology: Collected Drama

Language: English

Year: 2019 (first edition 1994)

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Collection: Methuen Drama

ISBN: 978-0-4136-4590-6

Synopsis: Gathering six of the author’s plays: Duck Variations, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Squirrels, American Buffalo, The Water Engine and Mr Happiness.

Duck Variations is “A brilliant little play… about two old men sitting on a park bench discussing ducks.” (Guardian)

In Sexual Perversity in Chicago, “Mamet is not so interested in what brings people together as he is on what keeps them apart… This is a (…) comedy about how difficult it is, in our fucked up society, for men to give themselves to women and for women to give themselves to men.” (Village Voice)

Squirrels “Memorably captures the agony of the creative process.” (Daily Telegraph)

American Buffalo is a “wonderful study of small-time crooks, set in a junk shop.” (Daily Telegraph)

The Water Engine is “an American fable about the common person and the intitution” (Spectator); “a propulsive, kaleidoscopic nightmare” (Guardian)

Mr Happiness is a short ironic monologue, a complementary piece to The Water Engine.