Les variations Darwin, Jean-François Peyret and Alain Prochiantz


Title: Les variations Darwin

Author: Jean-François Peyret and Alain Prochiantz

Typology: Production Study

Language: French

Year: 2005

Publisher: Odile Jacob

ISBN: 978-2-7381-1559-4

Synopsis: A man of theatre; a man of science.

Darwin, Kafka, Nietzsche, the ape, the brain, man’s place in nature, the living, GMO’s, new forms of procreation, the computer.

Comedians, a stage, texts displacing and answering each other.

Jen-François Peyret and Alain Prochiantz give a testimony of the living matter they use in creating theatre.

Here we will also find the scripts to their last two shows Des chimères en automne and Les Variations Darwin, but mostly the direct echo from a creative process that is unique in its kind.