Reading Theatre with Science | Public Reading of Nick Payne’s “Constellations”


©Pedro Andrade


The project Reading Theatre with Science, whose beginning was programmed for 2020, aims at creating knowledge of science-themed drama, through the shared reading in public sessions of contemporary plays. Having had its start delayed by the limitations the Covid pandemic entailed, Marionet is finally delighted to announce the first session of the Reading Theatre with Science initiative

A difficulty in needed of solution was the inexistence of portuguese translations of the most recent drama dealing with scientific issues. Notably those already in our Documentation Centre for Performing Arts and Science (DCPAS). With that in mind, and making good use of the forcefull interruption of our Reading Theatre with Science initiative, we began, as early as June 2020, the Colaborative Translation Project (CTP), with the objective of timely translating said plays to portuguese. We then started to work on the first of these texts – Nick Payne’s “Constellations”, cooperatively translated by a group of volunteers for this first informal public reading.

This first session will thus take place in Parque Verde (by the first cube after the Pedro e Inês bridge) in Coimbra, on May 26th, starting at 18:00 (should the weather require it, the reading will take place at espaço Marionet, in Rua Carlos Seixas, no.277).

For organizational purposes, we would thank you for signing up in advance, however the event is open, and participation as a reader is not mandatory, though it is strongly recomended.

You can bring a blanket, pillow or chair. And please bring your mask.