Reading Theatre with Science | Public Reading of Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information”


©Pedro Andrade

The project Reading Theatre with Science, which we began in May 2021, aims to foster knowledge of science-themed drama, through shared readings of contemporary plays in public sessions. After a marvellous first session in Parque Verde do Mondego, in May,  Marionet is delighted to announce the second session of the Reading Theatre with Science initiative.

The play that is going to be read – Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information – was selected through an on-line poll in our facebook page, and is being translated by group of volunteers in our Colaborative Translation Project.

This second session will thus take place in the public tables of Jardim da Sereia, by the entrance in Rua de Tomar, in Coimbra, on July 21th, starting at 18:00 (should the weather require it, the reading will take place at espaço Marionet, in Rua Carlos Seixas, no.277).

For organizational purposes, we would thank you for signing up in advance, however the event is open, and participation as a reader is not mandatory, though it is strongly recomended.