Johnson Plays: 1, Terry Johnson



Title: Johnson Plays: 1

Author: Terry Johnson

Typology: Collected Drama

Language: English

Year: 2005 (first edition 1993)

Publisher: Methuen Drama

ISBN: 978-0-413-68200-0

Synopsis: Gathering three of the author’s plays: Insignificance, Unsuitable for Adults, and Cries from the Mammal House.

Insignificance: “At first glance, it looks like a game of Theatrical Consequences. What if four of Ike’s America – Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Joe DiMaggio and Senator McCarthy – met in a New York hotel room in 1953?”

Unsuitable for Adults: “Set in the worl of pub entertainment in Paddington – lunchtimes of striptease, evenings of the more violent kind of comic routine… funny and horrifying by turns, and maturely refusing to assume anything about its characters, it’s a fine and enduring depiction of the current state of play in the world of love, sex, and comedy.

Cries from the Mammal House: “Set in a small English private zoo and also the bowels of anyone who has ever had to take responsibility for others…”