Jean-Pierre Ryngaert


Jean-Pierre Ryngaert is a Theatre Studies professor at Université de Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle, where he currently works as the director of the Institut d’ Etudes Théatrales. He taught at Carleton University (in Ottawa, Canada), as well as at the Universities of Caen and Nantes. He was a guest professor at the Universities of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and San Diego (United States).

An occasional stage director, he is particularly interested in the relation between Theatre and Education. He was a collaborator on the launching of the “Highschool Theatre” courses, has founded and directed the Théâtre Universitaire de Nantes, and was responsible for educational internships. Ryngaert has published “Le jeu dramatique” and “Jouer”, “Représenter”, as well as countless articles. More recently, he has been writing about the relation between text and theatre in books as such “Introduction à l’analyse du theatre”, “Lire En attendant Godot”, and “Lire le théâtre contemporain”, published by Éditions Dunod. He has also published, with Joseph Danan, “Eléments pour une histoire du texte de theatre” (Dunod, April 1997).

He is a commission member of “Théatre”, from the Centre National du Livre.

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