George D. Morgan


George D. Morgan, son of Mary Sherman Morgan, inventor of the rocket fuel Hydyne, which powered the rocket that boosted the United States’ first satellite, is an acclaimed author, playwright and screenwriter. He received his B.A. in Creative Writing from the California State University Channel Islands, and his M.F.A. in Performative Writing from the University Of California, Riverside, in the Palm Desert Writing Program.

He’s the author of a dozen plays and musicals, including “Second to Die”, “Nevada Belle”, and “Thunder in the Valley”. Most importantly, he’s also the author of “Rocket Girl”, a play based on the life of the first American rocket scientist (his mother, Mary Sherman Morgan), which premiered in 2008 at Caltech, where he is a resident playwright. This was the first of a trilogy of science-themed plays, the second one being “Pasadena Babylon”, which premiered in 2010 and was a semi-finalist of the Sundance Institute’s Alfred P. Sloan Prize. The trilogy ends with “Capture the Sun”, a play that addresses the 1989 controversy around Stanley Pons, Martin Fleischmann, and the cold fusion.

Morgan is an active member of both the Dramatists Guild and the Writers Guild of America.

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