Can You Hear Me? | Hearing Voices Project


©Francisca Moreira


“”Can You Hear Me? is an exercise devised from a theatre show on the experience of hearing voices. Throughout 2021, Marionet developed a research, reflection and discussion process culminating with the show’s presentation. “Countless Voices“, was framed in a wider project named “Hearing Voices“. From its conception, this exercise in sound faced, as did the play, the primordial dificulty of depicting such a varied experience by those who never experienced it themselves. For that reason, this sound instalation has never intended to be a faithfull or realistic depiction of what hearing voices is. It has never sought to depict those people who deal with their voices without distress, nor those who wish to silence them. “Can You Hear Me?” was thus born from the words brought together by multiple voices for this project and this show. From a question which, out of the 17209 words composing the play’s script, managed to disquiet me. It is out of this disquiet that this sound object was born. It is it that these sounds depict.” Sílvio Correia Santos

Can You Hear Me?” was on display in Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo, from November 25th to Dezembro 10th, 2021.