Deepen The Mystery – Science and The South Onstage, Lauren M. Gunderson


Title: Deepen The Mystery – Science and The South Onstage [A collection of plays By Lauren M.Gunderson]

Author: Lauren Gunderson

Typology: Drama Collection

Language: English

Year: 2005

Publisher: iUniverse


Synopsis: This first collection of award-winning full-length plays by Lauren Gunderson includes:

Leap – A delightful, moving synthesis of science, history, and magic with a young Isaac Newton and two mysterious sisters.

Background – a time-twisting, science-drama about the inspirational study of cosmology and the devastating effects of deniet credit. Based on a true story of Dr. Ralph Alpher.

Parts They Call Deep – A hilarious southern drama with three generations of women in a Winnebago.