Call – Hearing Voices Project


Marionet is hereby opening a call to all people with the experience of hearing voices (or friends and relatives of those who do) and who are available and willing to give the interviews the entire process of reflection and creation of the Hearing Voices’ Project – an artistic initiative about the experience of hearing voices other people do not – will be based upon.

Our main goal is to learn about the diversity of this phenomena with those who have experienced it and, by creating a theatrical text and sound instalation from the data collected, to give this diversity a stage, so that, socially, it may be approached out of curiosity rather than fear.

We mean to speak with people who have or have had the experience of hearing voices, over 18 years of age and residing in Portugal.

If you identify with this experience and are of age, we would like to interview you. Interviews will begin in June 2021.

Project Hearing Voices is a Marionet initiative together with CES, Radio Aurora from the Hospital Júlio de Matos and Movimento Ouvir Vozes, and is supported by DGArtes.

Further info available here.