Complicite’s Mnemonic, Simon McBurney



Title: Mnemonic

Author: Simon McBurney - Complicite

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2001 (first edition 1999)

Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd.

Colection: Methuen Drama


Synopsis: In 1991 tourists descending a 3000-metre peak discover a shrivelled naked body emerging from the ice. How old is it? A man alone in his London flat, unable to sleep, searches in his memory. Or does he imagine?

Place and memory collide while stories that are older than the millennium connect to stories that surround us in everyday life. Stories of journeys fragment, reflect, repeat and revolve like the act of memory itself as Mnemonic questions our understanding of time, our capacity to distort history and our attempts to retell the past.

Conceived and directed by Simon McBurney, Mnemonic was devised by the Company for the 1999 Salzburg Festival. It was first seen in London in November 1999 when it was awardede the 1999 Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Play. It was revived in 2001.