Colin Teevan


Colin Teevan, born in 1968 in Dublin, is an Irish playwright, screenwriter, and translator. Colin’s theatre pieces have been produced by many leading British theatres including the National, the Young Vic, the Soho Theatre, the National Theatre of Scotland, the Abbey Theatre, and off Broadway, and his translations include works from the Ancient Greek, Italian and French.

Some of his plays include: “Amazonia”; “Monkey!” (Young Vic); “The Diver”; “The Bee” (both written in collaboration with Hideki Noda, Soho Theatre/Setagaya Theatre, Japan); “Don Quixote” (written in collaboration with Pablo Ley, West Yorkshire Playhouse); “Peer Gynt” (Dundee Rep, National Theatre of Scotland); “How Many Miles to Basra?” (West Yorkshire Playhouse); “Missing Persons”; “Four Tragedies”; “Roy Keane” (Assembly Rooms/Trafalgar Studios); “Alcmaeon in Corinth” (Live!Theatre, Newcastle). He wrote extensively for BBC Radio Drama and for the television networks RTE e ITV.

He has given lectures all over the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States about theatre and playwriting. He’s presently a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, at the University of London, where he designed and developed the recent B.A. in Creative Writing.

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