Chemistry in Theatre- Insufficiency, Phallacy or Both, Carl Djerassi



Title: Chemistry in Theatre- Insufficiency, Phallacy or Both

Author: Carl Djerassi

Typology: Essay / Drama

Language: English

Year: 2012

Publisher: Imperial College Press

ISBN: -13 978-1-84816-938-8 (pbk) /-10 1-84816-938-8 (pbk)

Synopsis: This book examines the questions “What can science do for the theatre?” and “What can the theatre do for science?” thus raising challenges for both theatre professionals and scientists. Unusually, this book deals with plays first and foremost as reading material – as texts to be read alone or in dramatic readings – rather than emphasizing performances on the stage. Concrete examples are given to demonstrate the potential pedagogic value of using the dialogic style and plot structure of plays in science, with a special focus on chemistry.

Very few books have dealt with the subject of science-in-theatre and virtually none with chemistry-in-theatre. Texts of the author’s two recent plays, Insufficiency and Phallacy, are included in their entirety to offer concrete examples of plays dealing with actual (rather than invented) chemistry. Insufficiency represents an example from the field of beer and champagne bubbles, where the topics of academic tenure and fashion in chemistry are analyzed, whereas in Phallacy, a case history of the similarities and differences between science and art is presented for debate.