Cellophane: Plays, Mac Wellman


Title: Cellophane

Author: Mac Wellman

Typology: Collected Drama

Language: English

Year: 2001

Publisher: The John Hopkins University Press

Series: Paj Books

ISBN: 978-0-8018-6719-3

Synopsis: Celebrated for his dizzying linguistic inventions, his experimental narratives, his biting social and political critiques, and his absurdist sense of humor, Mac Wellman has become one of America’s leading avant-garde playwrights. In Cellophane, Wellman offers the eleven plays that he considers his most important: “Albanian Softshoe”, “Mister Original Bugg”, “Cleveland”, “Bad Penny”, “Cellophane”, “Threee Americanisms”, “Fnu Lnu”, “Gisl Gone”, “Hypatia”, “The Sandalwood Box”, and “Cat’s Paw”. Written between 1983 and 1998, they showcase Wellman’s ongoing exploration of the limits of language and the consequences of humanity in the post-modern world. “These plays,” Wellman writes, “are about the heroism ordinary people must employ every day to keep on functioning with any certainty, with any pleasure or satisfaction, in an order of Being that has become unknowable, remote, a context of at best theoretical plausibility.” Also included in this volume is his acclaimed essay on the theater, “A Chrestomathy of 22 Answers to 22 Wholly Unaskable and Unrelated Questions Concerning Political and Poetic Theater.”