Bryn Magnus


Bryn Magnus has been a member of the Curious Theater Branch since 1989. With Curious Theater Branch, he has written and produced 16 full-length plays as well as countless solo performance pieces. Presently, Magnus works as the coordinator of PANG (Producing Arts for a New Generation), a Free Street jobs training program that works with groups of teenagers from Chicago. For the past five years, Magnus has also facilitated writing workshops for MadJoy Theatrics. These workshops have culminated in the creation of scripts that have been produced by MadJoy Theatrics. Recently, he collaborated with Evanston Children’s Theater Artistic Director in a playwriting class for youth. The script that culminated from that class, “Ruckus For An Angel”, was produced by Evanston Children’s Theater.

Magnus has also served as an adjunct professor in the theatre department at the University of Illinois Chicago campus.

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