Breaking the code, Hugh Whitemore



Title: Breaking the code

Author: Hugh Whitemore

Typology: Drama

Language: English

Year: 2012

Publisher: Oberon Books

Colection: Oberon Modern Plays


Synopsis:The eccentric genius Alan Turing played a major role in winning Worl War II; he broke the complex German code called Enigma, enabling Allied forces to foresee German manoeuvres. Since his work was classified top secret for years after the war, no one knew how much was owed to him when he was put on trial for breaking another code: the taboo against homosexuality. Turing, who was also the first to conceive of computers, was convicted of the criminal act of homosexuality and sentenced to undergo hormone treatments which left him physically and mentally debilitated. He died a suicide, forgotten and alone. This play is about who he was, what happened to him and why.