Public presentation of the book “The Expression of Emotions / LED – Inner voyage in a Computer”



Within the commemoration of the twenty years of Marionet, we will have the presentation of the book “The Expression of Emotions / LED – Inner voyage in a Computer”, edited by the University of Coimbra Press in its collection Dramaturgy. It will take place at Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, with the presence the author, Mário Montenegro, it will be presented by Prof.Carlos Fiolhais, director of Rómulo Ciência Viva Centre/University of Coimbra who has written the posface, and Prof. Fernando Matos Oliveira, who directs Gil Vicente Academic Theatre and  coordinates de collection Dramaturgy.


This volume gathers two plays inspired in scientific subjects, “The Expression of Emotions” (2014) and “ LED – Inner voyage in a Computer” (2006), both written and directed by Mário Montenegro. In both cases we are faced with a kind of writing that experiments and opens paths in the art and science dialogue, speculating, in the first case, on the classification of human emotions, which began to be rehearsed by physiologists and naturalists of the 19th century; in the second case, invoking the inner functioning of a digital computer, a machine that appeared in the 20th century and redefined the frontiers of human experience. The process of creation involved the collaboration between researchers and artists, confirming the place that both Mário Montenegro and Marionet occupy in Portugal in this context of science theatre.


The Dramaturgy collection of the University of Coimbra Press (IUC) gathers some of the texts for theatre related to the activities developed within the TAGV/LIPA Laboratory. With this collection, IUC intends to contribute to the affirmation of new authors and to promote playwriting in Portugal. The complete catalogue can be accessed HERE.