Acie Cargill


Acie Cargill is a poet, songwriter, and prose writer. He studied poetry with the American poet laureate Mark Strand and poet laureate Gwendolyn Brooks, from Illinois. He also studied novel writing with Thomas Berger, author of “Little Big Man” (adapted for film by Arthur Penn, with Dustin Hoffman as the lead). Cargill studied journalism as well, with instructor Jean Daily. His work is a synthesis of those three styles.

He’s a member of the American Mensa and worked as an editor for the Mensa Journal of Poetry. He’s also a member of the Grammy Association and The US Quill and Scroll Society.

Cargill is a vegetarian, a former holistic therapist, a musical performer on a variety of instruments, an environmental activist, a lecturer, medical reviewer, a lover, a cannabis user, and a seer.