The Revolution of the Celestial Bodies


The Revolution of the Celestial Bodies dives into the evolution of our knowledge of our position in the universe. Anchored in the scientific breakthroughs of three of the men responsible for our present knowledge of the field – Ptolemy, Copernicus and Galileo – this work delves into the personal, social, political, religous and scientific issues that flooded their quests for truth. Profoundly human issues, and therefore wonderfully theatrical, which will often touch the first and final question: Why?

That quest continues today as it always has and will. What are we? What is our role? Where was the beginning? And how? Are we alone in the universe?

We do have one answer. Here, in the theatre’s space-time, we are not alone. We form a whole, stage and audience. Rolled into one common question mark. And this answer brings up new questions. Is this our role? To question and to share the questions with others? To propagate this questioning?

Do we move around the sun?


Director & Playwright Mário Montenegro


Mário Montenegro | Ptolemy / Copernicus / Galileo**

Filipe Eusébio |Conservative Spirit

Susana Pereira Francisco | Free Spirit**

Stage, Wardrobe and Prop Designer  Pedro Andrade

Technical Director and Lighting Designer Pedro Machado

Original Soundtrack & Sound Designer Marcelo dos Reis

Executive Producer Francisca Moreira

Hair Design Carlos Gago | Ilídio Design

Supported by A Escola da Noite, RUC, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, MAFIA

* Times were changed so as to submit to the rules of the State of Emergency decreed on November 6th 2020.

**In March 2020 the role of “Free Spirit” was played by Safire Hikari and the roles of Ptolemy / Copernicus / Galileo were played by Miguel Lança