Il Maiale Nero, Strange Love



The celebration of the twenty years of Marionet is the perfect excuse for a unique musical performance that recovers from the river Lethe the performer Il Maiale Nero.

Pioneer of the world fission movement, Il Maiale Nero specialized in obtaining from the guitar what it didn’t want to give. In its rare shows, between talking with the audience and composing his trousers, he exhibits songs where the lyrics occupy a wide spectrum of themes, ranging from the people and their wantings to love and its three boobs.

Originally presented in Coimbra in 2002, Il Maiale Nero was a fleeting comet without a tail in the Portuguese musical-theatre panorama.The perennity of the addressed themes in his songs, scraping deep in human nature, more than justifies this coming back to a renewed audience.

In this special occasion, the alignment of the show will go through the ventures and distresses of human love. Like he usually says: “We are all a bunch of things doing things to each other that we regret and are proud of.”

Born in the previous century, still doesn’t know when he is going to die.

It will be an event directed to people with a sense of humour.