Express Yourself | Theatre, Movement, Dance and Physicality


Express Yourself | Teatro, Movimento, Dança e Fisicalidade

Workshop Express Yourself | Theatre, Movement, Dance and Physicality, with Safire Hikari

A time to express and free the body and voice through theatre, voice and impovisation exercises.
By reprograming the way in which our minds think and how its movement patterns are drawn, we will improve the quality of our movement.

We will play games where we will:
- learn how to express ourselves creatively with our voices, faces and bodies
- React spontaneously to proposals being made
- To make questions and find answers that will allow the body to gain a voice and the voice gain a body

We will be expressing ideas, images, feelings, expanding our bodily counsciousnsess and vocal extention, connecting with each other and being free!

Complementarily, the workshop How to Travel through Space | Creative movement and theatre voyage



March 28th | 20h30 to 23h30

Children aged 6 through 11
March 29th | 10h to 13h

Young People aged 12 through 17
March 28th | 14h to 17h

Workshop price: 30€
[There is a 20% discount for siblings or family attending the workshops]

1 workshop | 30€
2 workshops | 50€


A minimum of 6 registrations are needed for the workshop to take place

Venue: Marionet | Rua Carlos Seixas, 277 | 3030-177 Coimbra

Safire Hikari

Studied performance, aerials, acrobatics, theatre, dance and clowning, at the Greentop Circus, and pair acrobatics, trampolin, contortionism, tumbling and headstands, at the Polichinelo Acrobatics School, both in England.

She has worked in circus, theatre, danca and vertical dance with several groups across Europe, among which: Urban Angels, Fidget Feet, High Top Circus, B-Collective, Aeritiko, Jazzy Dance Studios, Chapitô, and has done a tour with Cirque Normandie. She cooperated with No Holds Barred Creative, Collaborative, Community, with which she directed several workshops direcyed at people with severe handicap, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, deafness, among others.