The Dream Machine


The Dream Machine is a scientific-theatrical performance about the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sindrome (OSAS), resulting from a close collaboration between Marionet and Universidade de Coimbra’s Centre for Neuroscience and Celular Biology (CNC) and was one of the ten scientific culture promotion initiatives awarded grants by the Interdisciplinary Investigation Institute, concerning the Universidade de Coimbra’s  730th anniversary.

Initially developed in the Unknowness Laboratory, a research and creation initiative by Marionet and CNC aimed at tackling scientific challenges with a multidisciplinary team of artists and scientists.  The resulting reflections have been shared publicly on several events, such as the European Night for Researchers 2018, the World Day for Sleep 2019 and the Neuroscience and Disease 1st Retreat, by CIBB, also in 2019.

In The Dream Machine, we’ve explored creatively the theme of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, presenting knowledge and recent research data regarding this disease, and revealing, through simultaneous discourse, the differences and similarities in language between art and science.

Technical & Artistic Credits

Marionet | Mário Montenegro (playwright & performer), Marcelo dos Reis (live music & sound design) Pedro Andrade (wardrobe & prop design), Francisca Moreira (executive producer)

CNC | Sleep Apnea ID team researchers: Ana Rita Álvaro (scientific presentation), Ana Teresa Barros-Viegas, Laetitia Gaspar, Catarina Carvalhas, Bárbara Santos; Science Communication Bureau: Sara Varela Amaral, Marta Quatorze Correia e João Cardoso

iiiUC | Ana Santos Carvalho (logistic support)