Projection on Film Workshop


© Ivo Tavares

Film projection workshop
May 18th, 2018 | 2.30 pm | TAGV

Workshop given by João Silva

Length: 2 hours

Limited to 10 participants

Registration and participation is free

Information and registration:

Since last year, marionet has been exploring the concept of system. First, the focus was on our inner systems, those which sustain us. Now we address systems external to our bodies.

Our new play – The Empatic Limbo – departed from the story of João Silva, a projectionist and stage engineer working at the Gil Vicente Academic Theatre. What interested us was a small part of his assets, a propaganda film from the Estado Novo regime, similar to many others projected as appendices of the films on display. It was from this political propaganda, inserted in the cinematographic and entertainment universe, that marionet began to explore new systems. The political system, the propaganda system, the economic system, the social system or even the mechanical system of film projection. The latter, a system considered obsolete by some – what makes a system obsolete? – in which João Silva is a master. Working on projection since the age of 12, João Silva will guide this film projection workshop as a complement to the new marionet creation.