The Sidereal Messenger


October 12th 2018

in Comemoration of Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra‘s 246 years.

FCTUC Auditorium, Coimbra

The Sidereal Messenger, presented on October 12th 2018 in comemoration of FCTUC (Science and Technology Faculty of University of Coimbra) Day, is an adapted excerpt from the play Revolution Of The Celestial Bodies, which Marionet premiered in 2001 in the former Museu Nacional da Ciência e da Técnica (National Museum of Science and Technology), in Coimbra.

Revolution of the Celestial Bodies dives into the evolution of knowledge concerning our position in the universe. Anchored in the scientific breakthroughs by three of the men responsible for our present knowledge of the field – Ptolemy, Copernicus and Galileo -, it focused on the personal, social, political, religious and scientific issues that flooded their quests for truth. Profoundly human issues, and therefore wonderfully theatrical, which more than often touch the final question, and the first: Why?

That quest continues today, as it always has. What are we? What is our role? Where was the beginning? And How? Are we alone in the Universe?

We do have one answer, though. Here, in theatre’s space-time, we are not alone. We are a whole, stage and audience. Rolled together into one common question mark. And this answer brings with it new questions. Could this be our role? To question and to share our questions with others? To propagate this questioning?

Do we move around the sun?


Artistic and Technical Credits

Cast Galileo | Pedro Lamas, Conservative Spirit | Filipe Eusébio

Text & Directing Mário Montenegro

Executive Production Francisca Moreira

Special Thanks to TEUC